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"Welcome to the Speech Starter. Here you will find tips and ideas, for all budding entrepreneurs, on how to get a good head start in the business world, leading to better planning and greater profits. So let the speech begins" by Fog


5 Secrets Help You Get Started

December 30th 2010 11:02


A great solid start need a some planning if you just go in without taking little time to plan, the chances are that youare going to be overran. Here are the five trouble-free secrets to get started.

1. Motivation :
Attitude is really everything. If you tell you can " can," there's an excellent chance you will.

Take a few moments to imagine what you're going to do with all the time you gained, simply by getting organized.

2.Lay down your objectives:
creat a list of all the things you aspire to do, whether those items are your office, or your time. whern you finish making that list.

Each item on your list is The major goal is when you choose ONE item on your list,and and divide it down into smaller goals you will have be mini-goals.Now work on your minigoals One by one,to achieve each of them, until all one is completed. Once the final one is achieved.

3.Set up DEADLINES:. You're not going to have time to do your goals , until you schedule time. put a definite deadline for ALL of your minigoals.

4.Appoint REWARDS: Designate a reward for each mini-goal achieved by your specified deadline, to get motivated. You should REWARDS only yourself WHEN you accomplish your goal. Your final mini-goal, the one that lets you to fulfill your major goal, should be the reward that most appeal you.

5. APPLY efficient ORGANIZATIONAL scheme: Now it's time to get started, Just apply your plan. Make sure you have determined what the most effective plan is to easily achieve each goal.

Twitter undisputedly leads in Real-Time social platform.People using it for almost everything,communicating, chatting,news,and advertisements.Twitter have the potential more than other plat form in the field

Although Twitter has been growing in significance and popularity,it was never designed towards mass market success. That is why they came up with the #newtwitter.Ex-Twitter engineer Alex Payne,said about it "I think #newtwitter changes that, turning the site into a rich information discovery platform, if you’ll excuse the buzzword bingo. The new design is a pleasure to use, and encourages a kind of deep exploration of the data within Twitter that has previously only been exposed in bits and pieces by third-party applications. Browsing Twitter is now as rewarding as communicating with it."

"One of the striking things about #newtwitter is how clearly it's designed to allow room for advertisements and promotions," adds Payne.

Now twitter has a greater value for businesses and marketers.

“Promoted Trends”
According to twitter COO Dick Costolo 'it has been able to “boost the conversation” around given Twitter topics by as much as 600 percent." They function much like conventional display ads.

B]Advanced Search Features,
If want to now about what are people taking about then search twitter YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING IN THE REAL TIME. It can give an idea about what is working and/or apealing. Twitter developers know this. They enhanced twitter search function with great features.
Now the search box becomes more prominent.It was easy to overlook, stuck down.

The search results are not mixed together up anymore like in the old twitter but it will be divided into four different types of answers,
# Name Results: matches for name people or companies on Twitter
# Promoted Tweets: advertiser-backed tweets
# Top Tweets: the most popular at the moment of your search.
# Most Recent Tweets: on your search topic

Search Tweets with Links feature: which is nice. It show you the most popular links currently being shared on your search topic. And also great for those times when you you only want to search for tweets where people are just saying something rather than sharing something they’ve found on a topic.

Save your searches
A great feature, giving you an easy way to track keyword based tweets Within your twitter stream.

Related Content
Depending on the Tweet’s content, you may see: @replies, other Tweets by that same user, a map of where a geotagged Tweet was sent from, and more.

Support media content

Now your tweet can be rich with any media content of chouce.You can insertt photos and videos directly on Twitter,

New Twitter
have marketing potential more than other plat form in the field.

Finally All this have downside. You will see people in your time stream trying to jam the square of traditional advertising into the 140 character square of new media becuase.THOSE people have to quit doing this as it will not ' working.

have fun tweeting

When you  running your small business, search engine optimization for your website can be a hard task  at times.  That's why many entrepreneurs put SEO at the bottom of your priority list.

However, the more effort you put in   Improving SEO for your site, the more you improv its visibility of in search engines, which mean more organic free constant traffic to your site , I.e. More money.

Anyone can can improve their  site SEO  .You do not to  spend tons of time or tons of money to do that. Here are 5 of the quickest and most affordable SEO tips out there.
1. Submit to Search Engines

This is obvious is not it?! But many forget it. Once you created a website or a blog submit it to search engines. SEO only works if your site is   listed in the search engines.  

 When your website is brand new and it has no incoming links yet, it can be difficult for the spiders to find it, so it’s a good idea to hand submit your site to the search engine.
-Submit your Website to google
-Submit your site to bing (MSN)

2. Title Tags

Meta tags look like this:
Despite what many thinks, meta tags still important. Make sure that your title tags have RELEVANT keyword rich  to your web page. And make sure you use a unique title tag on each and every page in your site.

Meta tags look like this:

<meta name="description" content="enter a description of your page here." />

<meta name="keywords" content="separate keywords with a comma." />

On Orble Blog you can add your meta tags by going to my orble >> yourblog name>>setting>> show blog profile then choose yes. Write the meta tags in the blog profile box.

3.Update Regularly

Keeping your blog fresh is one of the most effective SEO tactic. Search engine can sense your site when you update it. You don’t have to go overboard, but be sure to make any but relevant updates regularly.  This ensures that the search engine spiders will return often 

4.Use unique content

Content is an important tasks that will make or break your seo campaign. Google adores  fresh and original content.

 It is important to distribute your keywords, most importantly your long tail not over do it but do it tastefully.

 5. Be a Social Media diva

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are quickly becoming the new search engines.  They enhance your online presence. The more active you are on a social media site the more potential readers and client will get to know you.

Submit your article to social media sites. A new website  may get a great exposure this way , as it will more easy to find . A good story can r acquire a large number of high quality links, most of which cannot be easily bought.

 Create a page for your site,link them together, and post regularly. This is a great way to build up your reputation and yet another way to quickly multiply reputable backlinks to your page.

You see how quick and easy those steps. By following them you’ll be able to create an affordable SEO program that gets your new website off the ground in no time.

Finally i would be glad to know what do you think SEO  and the above mentioned. Also share with us your advice and your battle with SEO

According  slashdot website Google is  found   guilty of breaching the Australia's Privacy Act when it collected unsecured WiFi payload data with its Street View vehicles. While the privacy Commissioner could not penalize the company, Google agreed to publish an apology on its Australian blog, and work more closely with her during the next three years. 

This is good but not enough .Google really need to learn that there are boundaries. They just can't connect to networks even if unsecured one: capture everything there saved it and use it for it's own benefits . If it wants to do they must mention that to the public. Can you imagine someone take photo for you without you knowing just because you are setting out there in public place!!!,this is classic first class spying ,but again what's new,it's done by google all the time

[ Click here to read more ]

So you started a blog for your business and you chose a creative design, clever copy and enticing call to action and you feel you got it all . But all that  can be a waste of time  if people not engaged with your content. Getting users engaged  can deliver your message , improve your Influence ,sale, subscriptions, bookmarking and return visits.

A term commonly used to measure visitors involvement is the bounce rate.The bounce rate is the percentage of  visitors who arrive to an entry then leave your site without checking any other page. A high bounce rate means that most your visitors are not fund of your service or blog content ,  and  they come from a search  they didn't find their answer or they don't like it, and hit the back button

[ Click here to read more ]

An elevator speech is a concise  well crafted verbal snippet  that  memorably introduces you, that should show  your uniqueness and  highlights  the benefits you deliver.

It's  used in situations where you are meeting a lot of people and probably not spending a great deal of time with any one of them. So you have to strike them with your clear and focused information about you and your service

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Success is no coincidence. There are traits entrepreneurs have in common that contribute to their success You may have recognized common traits that bind these entrepreneurs. These shared traits are not merely a coincidence; we think they are the keys to their success and if you don't have'em already in you then adopt these traits to your own strategy for success for your future or existing business.

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Social bookmarking sites help the cream of the Internet crop rise to the top.Our favorite Web sites get to be shared with other users, aggregated and rated.

The Top Five Social Bookmarking Site
[ Click here to read more ]

The social networking has changed  both of our worlds the real one and the virtual world (internet) in which we live. It has great  tools,and the viral nature of social media marketing has helped us find the truth to all stories, uncover the worst kept secrets and remain in control of the society we have created in past, present and future.

So there is great  endless posibilities for your business of you use the effective   strategies to promot it through the social media

[ Click here to read more ]

How to conquer Start Up Fears

April 7th 2010 18:12

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